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 ARTICLES  (This section is currently under construction -  lots of articles and links to articles to come!)


~ "Jessica practices Comfort Touch® of the Feet"

~ "Comfort Touch® - Nurturing Acupressure - On-site in the backyard"

(This was produced during height of Covid-19 pandemic, to demonstrate safe practice.)

~ "Juliet practices Comfort Touch® with Mary Rose" (post surgery demo in day-bed)

~ "Comfort Touch Acupressure for Stress Relief in the Workplace"Touch

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~ "Comfort Touch: Massage for the Elderly & the Ill."

See the Resources page on this web-site for information about this video.

~ A note from Mary Rose: Over the years I have recorded many videos during workshops and special sessions that illustrate the principles and/or techniques of Comfort Touch®. These are offered free of charge on my YouTube channel - rosevinetube. Here is a link to a playlist of these videos:

COMFORT TOUCH® Video playlist:


~ "The Significance of Motor Points with Mary Kathleen Rose" (ABMP Podcast)

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